MobileBehavior has worked on the marketing, advertising, products and positioning of global industry leaders and early-stage start-ups alike. Here is a sample of our work:

Our Work

Multichannel Integration:

McDonald's Legends of McRib

To extend "The Legends of McRib" story, Tribal DDB tapped Apple's iAd platform and an engaging mobile experience. The integration included a quiz that tested users' McRib knowledge, fun wallpaper images, as well as an interactive map for finding the nearest McRib. Banner ads were featured in the Pandora application across iPhones and iTouch devices. The ability to put the campaign in a user's hand made iAd a choice platform for storytelling and strengthening the connection between consumers and the McDonald's brand.

Multichannel Campaign:

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

MobileBehavior, on behalf of AT&T, created and implemented a campaign for the release of the 2nd film installment of the popular The Twilight Saga which took place across mobile, PC, and TV. Exclusive The Twilight Saga: New Moon tones, graphics, and other content, such as cast member interviews, was offered through the AT&T Share Facebook page and the custom WAP portal. Fans of the AT&T Share Facebook page were able to “Pledge Allegiance to a Coven” through an exclusive application. The first 500 people to pledge to the most popular coven won The Twilight Saga: New Moon merchandise, and the grand prize winner was flown to the pre-screening of the film to meet a cast member.

Branded Utility:

Levi’s Fort at SXSW

At the SXSW Music Festival, we mobilized The Fader Fort, sponsored by Levi's, with a lifestreaming photo contest, SMS maps, schedules, city tips, artist bios, and alerts. Those who opted were in found out first about Kanye West's three-hour performance with Common, Erykah Badu and others.

The program had over 1,000 opt-ins and 10,000 total messages sent. The mobile web site received 22,000 uniques within two months of launch.

Extending Viral Effects through SMS:

Singtel Youth Portal

To help Singtel, Asia's leading telecommunications company,  extend their youth-targeted online campaign to the handset, MobileBehavior created a peer advocacy mobile effort. The campaign allowed friends to refer other friends via web-to-mobile SMS and earn rewards for participation. MobileBehavior developed and managed the SMS pipe for the entire campaign. The results were so encouraging for this project, that the same concept was transposed to a similar campaign for 7-UP at a later date.

On-Site Activation:

Campus MovieFest

MobileBehavior partners with Campus MovieFest, the world's largest student film festival reaching over 50,000 students, to bring user-generated content to the AT&T's mobile deck for the first time. By texting a shortcode, AT&T customers can watch CMF movies on their phones and receive updates when new CMF movies become available. We also created a "Best Use of Mobile Award" that gives students hands-on experience with the latest 3G Video Phones to integrate into their films. Each school holds a finale event with integrated Live Video Share feed, SMS voting for the Audience Choice Winner on-site, and text-2-screen messages where students can comment in real-time on videos.

To date, we've received thousands of entries and have had over one million unique impressions.

Mobile Lead Generation:

Aviva Bluetooth Campaign

MobileBehavior worked with the insurance, savings, and investment solutions company, Aviva, to help them use mobile as a way of acquiring a higher number of new insurance leads. To do this, we developed a strong Bluetooth messaging campaign which was carried out onsite at Aviva events. The Bluetooth strategy also covered mall locations in dense, highly populated areas. An on ground staff supplemented this effort by ushering users to “Futurator” tents for more information. After just five days, the response surpassed expectations greatly. 800 downloads were carried out and 600 opt in sales leads were recorded.

Out of Home Media Integration:


Jumbli is an interactive word search game that simultaneously lives across the web, mobile and outdoor media. It provides players access to a massive game from mobile phones and Facebook with opportunities to play both in and out of the home. Jumbli was deployed in New York's Times Square, over 1,200 locations in bars and restaurants nationwide, on Facebook, and select AT&T devices. MobileBehavior built a customized version of Jumbli for AT&T in support of the launch of their new message-friendly mobile devices and engaged direct consumer engagement through guerrilla street teams, cross-promotional Jumbli "pub crawls" and online PR outreach and message seeding.

Mobilizing Print:

Fader Mobile

As the magazine industry continues to experience declines in sales and readership, it is constantly on the lookout for a way to stay relevant with consumers. By taking The FADER into the mobile realm with Fader Mobile, we helped to catapult the bleeding edge music/culture/fashion magazine into a new era of communication.

Fader Mobile, essentially a shortcode path (32337) and mobile website (, gives readers curated content, downloads and mobile-only extensions of editorial, as well as VIP access at events. Advertisers can also leverage this "always on" channel to serve promotions, mobile coupons, unique offers and create engagement.

In-Store Mobile Couponing:

Insider Deals

Mobile couponing is a booming sector that offers retailers the next great step interactive store experiences. MobileBehavior was a pioneer in the space with "Insider Deals," a point of sale mobile coupon program. We worked with AT&T and youth targeted retailers on the rollout, which included a three-month loyalty program at Quiksilver's 110 stores, f.y.e.'s 727 stores, and 130 Mandee stores.

Event Mobilization:

Sound Ctrl

Sound Ctrl, an event series hosted by New Universal Entertainment Agency (NUE:A), needed a partner to make their events more interactive, mobile, and social. By hosting monthly panels, discussions, and parties featuring music industry heavyweights such as Cornerstone, Chuck D, and Clive Davis. Sound Ctrl promotes the bond between the music and tech scenes. To support this connection, MobileBehavior provides text-to-screen initiatives onsite, mobile opt-ins leading up to the event, and mobile sweepstakes and contests for event attendees. MobileBehavior’s involvement with Sound Ctrl creates awareness and a focus around industry innovation, emerging trends, growth, and best practices.

Product and Platform Development:


MySpace needed a mobile interface to allow its users to have the full functionality of the site in their hands. MobileBehavior conceptualized and managed the development of the MySpace Mobile application, the first of its kind, which gave users on-the-go access to the site. We also worked to develop MySpace Mobile Music Studio to give unsigned artists the opportunity to have AT&T convert their original music into ringtones, which they could sell and promote to their friends/fans.

The MySpace app became the fastest selling mobile application in history. MySpace Mobile Music Studio garnered about 40 bands per week and had over 900 bands signed up.

Community Engagement:

Facebook Developers Challenge

With the launch of their open API, Facebook offered brands and outside developers a unique environment to create added utility for site users. MobileBehavior used this new open platform for AT&T, creating a contest that challenged developers to create an application incorporating AT&T wireless services into user Facebook profiles. With a $5,000 prize for the best application, many developers submitted for the chance to win.

Event Socialization:

Gatorade at Citi Field

In 2009, the New York Mets moved into a brand-new stadium at Citi Field. In honor of this historic occasion and Opening Day, the Mets partnered with Gatorade and MobileBehavior to relive some of the greatest Mets moments in team history through mobile-enabled participation.

Stadium visitors had a chance to watch the moments on Citi Field's big screen including Mike Piazza's 2001 Home Run and the 1986 World Series victory. Users could then vote on their favorite moments by mobile phone, along with an opportunity to sign up for ongoing product and news alerts courtesy of Gatorade.

Three-Screen Integration:

Rock the Prom

We brokered a three year program with the popular youth TV drama "One Tree Hill," working to prominently integrate mobile into all aspects of the show. This included on-air product placement of newest client handsets in episodes and SMS voting on the show's storyline and soundtrack. We successfully integrated all three screens (TV, mobile, web) by allowing viewers to vote for a band from MySpace Mobile Music Studio (link) that would play at the "One Tree Hill" prom episode.

The program had stellar results with editorial impressions at more than 55 million total votes (16,000+ in just a five-day period) and page views at over 150,000.

Branded Avatar:

Tony Fresh

MobileBehavior brokered a strategic partnership between AT&T and MTV to create a groundbreaking engagement program in MTV's virtual world, Virtual Laguna Beach. We created Tony Fresh, the first ever branded avatar, to roam VLB as an AT&T promoter and establish a connection with users. Through Tony, users could gain access to exclusive branded rewards and free mobile content.

Tony Fresh quickly became the most popular guy in-world, maxing out his friend list within six weeks. In fact, he gained so much recognition, MTV used him in their on-air commercials for the virtual world and become a model for future in-world ambassador programs.

Image Recognition :

l.e.i. Wireless

We created a wireless loyalty program for Jones Apparel Group that introduced the savvy fashion-forward le.i. consumer to the next generation of brand interaction through image recognition technology.

Consumers used the camera in their phone to snap photos of an l.e.i. ad, connecting them to fashion tips and discounts. This created a link between the real and virtual worlds, without any special codes or software.

The program integrated mobile into l.e.i.'s overall branding strategy, positioned Jones Apparel Group as a leader and innovator, and drove in-store traffic and purchases.

Mobile Wallet:

Taste of Chaos

Concert merchandise is a huge source of revenue for musicians, yet many events are cash-only, leading to lost revenue for merchants and musicians alike. MobileBehavior brokered a relationship between leading youth music tour Taste of Chaos and a mobile payment solution, called the Mobile Wallet, as an experimental way to solve this ongoing problem. Mobile Wallet leveraged the density of mobile devices at live music events to create a new consumer touch point, while creating a new revenue stream for merchants and artists and simplifying concert transaction process for fans and merchants.

MobileBehavior activated mobile payment solutions for merchandise sales of five bands on the tour. Users could text the name of the band + item to a shortcode to initiate a cashless payment process using their credit or debit card.

Providing Utility:

Warped Tour

Vans Warped Tour, America's longest running touring festival, travels throughout the country with 42 U.S. tour stops from June to August featuring some of the hottest punk rock acts in music today. AT&T's presenting sponsorship of the Warped Tour offered a unique opportunity to interact with concert attendees through SMS band bios, tour schedules, and exclusive WARPED info. We also provided AT&T customers exclusive opportunities like text alerts, WAP Portal access and VIP treatments, as well as the chance to purchase ringtones, answer tones, and full tracks from the top Warped Tour artists.