by CalebJuly 27, 2010

Annotated Objects: Food52 Delivers Recipes via Stickybits

Food52, a website "where kitchens meet", is using stickybits and 1D barcodes to deliver recipes to its readers.

We've recently come up with a new way for you to access food52 recipes while you're at the grocery store, or even while you're wandering around your kitchen looking for something to cook. Using the stickybits application, we, along with a few intrepid volunteers, have linked hundreds of our community's recipes to the bar codes on ingredients all over the country.

Using the stickybits iPhone or Android app to scan Domino's light brown sugar will pull up a recipe for Double Chocolate Espresso Cookies. Organic Valley Sour Cream points to Blueberry Almond Breakfast Polenta. This is almost two months after Pepsi announced its support for stickybits and attached official bits to its products. Food52 has also encouraged users to attach their own recipes, turning the pantry into a channel for sharing recipes.

  • jeffmyers

    Very neat approach. It is a little like google cooking where I google a list of ingredients in my cupboard and the word “recipe” I like it. Can I use multiple ingredients?

  • Stephanie

    Great idea. I was wondering what people were going to do with stickybits, but there are lots of possibilities!

  • Paul Eulette

    This awesome. When the time is right, stickybits is going to flourish–there are so many applications available for it, and not just for brands & business cards.

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