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by MBOctober 15, 2010

Tweetworthy: Windows Phone 7, Check-in Royalty, Serendipitor, and More

1. Season of the Witch: New Windows Phone 7 Official Ad

2. 10 Real Time Twitter Games You Can Enjoy With Just A Tweet

3. Tasker: An App That Makes Android Smarter Than Ever

4. Tim Bray · Ten Theses on Tablets

5. Check-in Royalty, Customer Loyalty and Foursquare’s Evolving Strategy

6. Serendipitor - Find something by looking for something else

7. Mobile Barcode Scanning up 700% This Year

8. Oxford University: When adopting Facebook apps, consumers’ ‘herding instinct’ turns on and off

9. JustSpotted - See what any celebrity is up to right now

10. How augmented reality apps can catch on

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by CalebOctober 8, 2010

Tweetworthy: Nokia N8 Ad, Public Twitter Booth, Networked Laundry, and More

1. Teens figure there's no point in learning anything if you can just Google it

2. Nokia N8 TV ad - It's not technology, it's what you do with it

3. Public Twitter Booth [PIC]

4. Laundry Machines That Email You When They’re Done

5. Making Music With Touchscreens And Sound-Altering Modules

6. Young consumers keen on mobile commerce

7. iPhone apps are the new ads

8. Integrated Facial Recognition Coming to Smartphones with Viewdle

9. It Takes Over One Hundred Cellphones To Propose Marriage Properly

10. Shopping via Text Mesage - targeting emerging economies where cell phones, not browsers, rule

Tweetworthy is a weekly roundup of the most shared tweets from @MobileBehavior. You can follow us on Twitter here.

by MBSeptember 24, 2010

Tweetworthy: Community Twittersode, Text-to-Undress, Plane Finder, and More

1. Community’s Season 2 Premiere to Be Preceded by Live “Twittersode” Experiment

2. Android App Measures Air Pollution Using Cell Phone's Camera

3. SCVNGR Releases Facebook Places Application for Businesses

4. Daffy's Text-to-Undress "Undressing Room" for Fashion's Night Out

5. Foursquare Experimenting With Recommendation Engine

6. Facebook Phone: All You Need To Know + New Details

7. Mobile Phones as Outbreak Predictors?

8. Android OS - The First 100 Devices

9. NRC at Nokia World 2010: Indoor Navigation

10. Plane Finder AR app lets you identify planes in the sky

Tweetworthy is a weekly roundup of the most shared tweets from @MobileBehavior. You can follow us on Twitter here.

by CalebSeptember 10, 2010

Tweetworthy: Motivations for "Liking", Flickr Photo Map, Travel Tweets, and More

1. How Push Notifications Will Change Twitter (and possibly replace SMS)

2. Sex and the City goes mobile with a location-based NYC guide

3. Flickr Photo Map for iDevices annotates reality

4. Motivations for "liking" a company, brand or association on Facebook

5. Twitter co-founder Biz Stone on how the next wave of social networks will change your business.

6. Facebook Places integration helps SCVNGR surpass 100,000 Downloads in Just 48 Hours

7. Travel industry uses Facebook and Twitter to reach customers

8. LED Suit Controlled By An iPhone

9. You Are Not Here - Using your mobile device to tour Baghdad from the streets of NYC

10. Integrated approach is key for mobile marketing

Tweetworthy is a weekly roundup of the most shared tweets from @MobileBehavior. You can follow us on Twitter here.

by CalebAugust 17, 2010

SMS Alerts: Twitter Media Outlines Four Ways to Use Fast Follow

Twitter recently released a feature called Fast Follow, which allows just about anyone with a cellphone to follow specific Twitter users. There is no need to sign up for Twitter, simply text "follow [account]" to 40404 and begin receiving SMS alerts from that account.

To promote the use of Fast Follow, Twitter Media has provided a few ideas for media outlets and local businesses.

It’s perfect for on-air. Instead of directing viewers or listeners to their laptops with a URL, you can send them to their phones with Fast Follow instructions. “Text ‘follow [our account]‘ to 40404″—it’s as simple as that. It’s easier to grok, there’s less friction, and viewers are more likely to have their phones within reach. (And note that by “on-air” I definitely mean radio as well as TV. The Fast Follow call to action works great as a spoken prompt—much smoother than “Twitter-dot-com-slash…”)

It’s perfect for breaking news. This is a medium made for real-time information (remember that stat about most text messages being read within three minutes, above). So an account like @cnnbrk makes tons of sense. What constitutes “breaking news” for your audience? What do they want to know as soon as it happens, wherever they are?

Twitter makes sure to remind us that the text message is a sensitive medium, too many SMS alerts will turn users off. Thinking about user experience, "how many texts does a user want to get in a day? What kind of content works best on phones?" Fast Follow is a powerful feature, but it's important that we remember to use it responsibly.

by CalebJune 29, 2010

Shared Experience: O2 Visualizes Texting During World Cup

People are using mobile technology to socialize around events -- before, during, and after -- creating shared experiences. Want proof? UK service provider O2 measured and visualized text message volume around several World Cup games.

During the England - USA game, a total of 23,991,699 messages were sent within O2's network. Volume directly reflects points during the match that were especially exciting. Goals by both teams resulted in peaks of over 3,000 text messages per second.

As NYU's Clay Shirky would say, "media is the connective tissue of society." We see this in live sporting events as well as prime-time television and popular concerts. Services like Hot Potato, GetGlue, and Miso hope to both capture and enhance this conversation as it takes place around all sorts of content.

[via flowingdata]

by CalebJune 18, 2010

Pervasive Gaming: Marco Polo Twitter Edition

For Cannes next week, festival goers can participate in a Twitter-based game of Marco Polo. It is meant to keep people updated on popular locations and events.

Anyone who tweets @SapientNitro with #Marco will receive a reply with #Polo and a link that will take them to a microsite featuring a map and five nearby hotspots. The microsite also features a Hot/Cold meter that will show the player how close he or she is to Marco Polo himself.

When someone is "hot" enough, they will be sent a photograph of a person to tackle and receive a free iPad. It is a creative use of Twitter, bridging the classic game of Marco Polo into a digital world.

[via creativity]

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