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by CalebApril 15, 2011

Tweetworthy: Location-Based Media, Promise Keeper, Postagram, and More

1. The Pop Up City - Getting Closer...

"Recent research has amounted more than 6,000 location-based apps to be currently available for the iPhone alone. Here [Jeroen] would like to draw your attention to two new kids on the block that offer a new take on physical proximity: Ditto and Yobongo."

2. GetGlue Passes 1M Users; 100M Data Points

"The GetGlue network is now averaging over 1 check-in every second with as many as 10 check-ins per second during primetime. On an average day 500,000 new unique data points enter the GetGlue database."

3. Reebok Promise Keeper

"Just as if someone is trying to give up smoking or lose weight they tell their friends to gain support in their efforts - and relentless mocking if they fail - Reebok has enlisted its paid athletes to add a personal twist to the idea and to help spread news of the app."

4. JBL ships AirPlay-enabled On Air Speaker dock

"The system lets customers stream music from their AirPlay-enabled devices, like Macs, iPhones, iPod touches and iPads... Other nifty features include a color LCD display, FM radio tuner and an alarm clock."

5. How Smartphones Can Improve Public Transit

"The point is for transit agencies to provide enough information to put riders in control of their experience and have greater choice in when and where to ride. People don’t want to feel they are at the mercy of paper schedules, even if they are, and there’s nothing worse than waiting for buses that may or may not be on time."

6. Postagram Transforms Any Instagram Into a Postcard

"The service, launching today, allows you to take any picture you’ve captured on the hot photo-sharing service Instagram and send it in postcard form for a mere $0.99."

7. Nokia's Ring That Can Control Your Mobile Phone

"Researchers at Nokia have created a magnetic ring that works as an input device from which you can control your mobile phone. The ring is called Nenya, the name of Galadriel’s ring in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and it is tracked by a wrist-worn ‘baselet’, which connects to the users phone via Bluetooth."

8. ShowYou Will Change How You View Videos on Your iPad

"The comparison to Flipboard is pretty apt here, because ShowYou takes the video content from all your friends and social networks and presents them in one place but in an entirely new way. This isn't a feed, and this isn't a chronological presentation of videos."

9. Tweet Land - A set of games that play with reality

"What would happen if what people share in their social networks became real? And best of all, if you could play with that? Well, if you like the idea of the twittersphere becoming a virtual universe, this is for you."

10. Fearsquare: If You Knew the Crime Stats, Would You Still Go There?

"Fearsquare uses public data to show Foursquare users in the U.K. how many crimes have been committed in the places they check in and is part of a study looking at how this sort of personalized data could change user behavior."

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by CalebOctober 8, 2010

Tweetworthy: Nokia N8 Ad, Public Twitter Booth, Networked Laundry, and More

1. Teens figure there's no point in learning anything if you can just Google it

2. Nokia N8 TV ad - It's not technology, it's what you do with it

3. Public Twitter Booth [PIC]

4. Laundry Machines That Email You When They’re Done

5. Making Music With Touchscreens And Sound-Altering Modules

6. Young consumers keen on mobile commerce

7. iPhone apps are the new ads

8. Integrated Facial Recognition Coming to Smartphones with Viewdle

9. It Takes Over One Hundred Cellphones To Propose Marriage Properly

10. Shopping via Text Mesage - targeting emerging economies where cell phones, not browsers, rule

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by CalebJuly 23, 2010

Tweetworthy: Gowalla x Paul Frank, Slow SMS Billboard, Cognitive Radio, and More

1. Gowalla teams up with Element and Paul Frank

2. Deals, Not Badges Will Attract Mainstream Check-Ins

3. 10 Cool Asian Cell Phone Features You Can't Have – Yet

4. The world’s slowest SMS billboard created

5. Mobile fireworks launch in real world

6. The iPad Is Already Bigger Than The iPod -- And Half As Big As The Mac

7. Teenagers and technology: 'I'd rather give up my kidney than my phone'

8. Nokia Research Center -- NRC Presents Cognitive Radio

9. Diesel uses mobile to crowdsource "stupid."

10. Another Reason for branded “designer” QR codes

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by CalebJune 25, 2010

Tweetworthy: Pingo Companion, iOS 4.0, GlowCaps Change Behavior, and More

1. Five things to know about iOS 4.0

2. Make Coffee iPhone App For WiFi Controlled Coffee Machine by Mario Baluci

3. Pingo is an interactive companion who keeps you entertained

4. Nike Lets Fans ‘Write the Future’ On Johannesburg’s Fourth Tallest Building

5. Skype Opens Up SkypeKit SDK To All Devices And Desktop Apps

6. 'We didn't mean all smartphones would get NFC', says Nokia

7. Smartphones to fuel new habits in Germany

8. Augmented Reality: Superimposed Game Stats in the Soccer Stadium

9. Study: GlowCaps up adherence to 98 percent

10. Can Augmented Reality Help Save the Planet?

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by CalebJune 17, 2010

Nokia Commits To Near Field Communication

A little over three years ago, Nokia introduced the first integrated NFC phone to the public. Today, the company has announced its full commitment to the technology; it is to become the first manufacturer to build NFC into all of its smartphones.

NFC World reports:

Anssi Vanjoki, Nokia's executive vice president for markets, has announced that all new smartphones introduced by the company from 2011 will come with NFC. [He] made the announcement during a keynote presentation at the Mobey Forum's 10th anniversary workshop in Helsinki this morning.

Near field communication enables Bump-like interactions and data transfer between phones and other devices. This could mean anything from interactive advertisements to mobile ticketing and LinkedIn exchanges. Japan has seen the benefits of the technology, but infrastructure in the U.S. has been largely nonexistent. Until now, companies have been innovative in producing workarounds; Visa uses PayWave enabled iPhone cases and Canadian carriers support Zoompass Tag. Both of these enable contactless payments in specific retail locations.

With an entity like Nokia backing the technology, adoption could potentially speed up. Other companies like Apple have also been considering applications. Certain Android phone manufacturers promise NFC for early 2011. When these devices reach mainstream users, we may begin to see a new set of behaviors emerge.

by CalebJune 14, 2010

Brands Planning for a Mobile Future @ The #Promise

Last week we attended The #Promise, a conference during New York's Internet Week that convened thought leaders and innovative brands to discuss how social and mobile media can create a better world. Each company was asked to present original social responsibility commitments called “promises.” Panels were curated by GOOD, TED, and Fast Company; speakers included everyone from Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes to actor Edward Norton. It was a day of inspired thinking and projection into a future where digital tools enable the masses. Some of the major themes and takeaways included:

At the very core of social change is a shift in how we connect, and mobile and social communications are the reason for transformation across industries. Nokia Futures Specialist Ville Tikka urged people to consider systems and social links affecting health, learning, advocacy, resilience, and livelihood.

We are living in the middle of a remarkable increase in our ability to share, cooperate with one another, and to take collective action, all outside the framework of traditional institutions and organizations.
- Clay Shirky, Here Comes Everybody

Corporations must rethink their offerings according to tomorrow's rules. Brands are positioning themselves around social movements and doing good; their hegemonic nature is evolving, opening up for an increasingly participatory culture. As Ogilvy planning director Evan Slater stated, "smart companies are being forced from policy makers to social enablers."

Large brands are evolving and preparing for the future. Pepsi's efforts are probably best publicized, the Pepsi Refresh Project looks to "scale good ideas" and "do good while selling product." With PepsiCo10, they demonstrate how giving away money is easy, but strategically allocating it for maximum impact is much harder. Timberland is planting trees in China, tying storytelling to their core logo. MTV educates viewers about sexting. In every effort there is the balance to be made between long-term thinking and instant shareholder gratification.

Companies are embracing mobile tools as a way to enable improvement on personal, local and global levels. Morsel, an iPhone application, promotes a healthier lifestyle through suggesting small achievable goals. GE's Linda Boff described this as "stealth health" and a simple way to change behavior for the better. Vscan is a pocket-sized ultrasound that opens up opportunities for rural doctors. FrontlineSMS simply enables two-way communication on a large scale, which has been particularly useful for NGOs in developing countries. The list goes on...

Of the many ideas discussed throughout The #Promise, the general consensus was that big change is underway, powered by personal technology. Andrew Rasiej expressed that through mobile technologies, humanity is being reshaped. "Humanity is going to ignore governments and think about solving problems on their own." We are in the process of filtering out the unacceptable and inefficient. Observing changing connections and adapting to the new rules is what will keep today's organizations around for tomorrow.

by CalebJune 4, 2010

Tweetworthy: Travelocity Checks-In, Mastercard PayPass, The Scoop, and More

1. Travelocity Gnome Now Roaming on Foursquare

2. What The Phone in Your Pocket Will Do For You Someday

3. Mobile Phones Enable New Interactive Experiences with Print

4. Tweet and Eat: 4Food to Serve Up Futuristic Dining Experience in NYC

5. Layer of the week: Shop till you drop in the new Hostage virtual shopping layer

6. Stanford Students Reveal Intimate Connection With Mobile Phones

7. You Are What You Carry: Photo Series Shows the Gadgets in Our Bags

8. Nokia To Release Bicycle-Powered Phone Charger

9. The New York Times Enters Mobile Location Game With The Scoop

10. MasterCard, INSIDE Contactless & CPI Card Group Team For “PayPass” Mobile Payments

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