by CalebAugust 24, 2010

Computer Vision: Marmota Analyzes and Augments Earth's Topography

Marmota is a new topographical augmented reality application being tested for Android phones. With a blend of cartography, computer graphics, and machine vision algorithms, it presents users with information layered over the natural world.

The Fondazione Bruno Kessler website explains:

Simply point your mobile towards the landscape that you are looking at, and a few moments later you will see all the information you desire, such as the profiles of the mountains and the names of peaks/refuges, together with their distances away and  altitudes. A dream for those who find themselves in a more or less unknown location and want to know everything about the scene around them.

Advances in computer vision are making it possible for mobile phones not only to augment reality, but also to intelligently analyze it. Another recent example is Augmented Driving, an iPhone app that detects lanes and vehicles on the road in order to create a more informed driver. With these new tools, it seems there really is more than meets the eye.

[via rww]

  • joe frabotta

    The Augmented Driving app is really neat, but could be dangerous. I hope the driver isn't the one in the video toying with the settings & attempting to read the text! It's a distraction (as is TomTom / GPS units), but the application itself is highly innovative. Marmota is basically a topography / nature version of Layar, without as many bells & whistles.

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