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by CalebDecember 16, 2010

Temptd Promotes Healthy Behavior through Social Gaming

Temptd is an iPhone app that harnesses the power of social networks to strengthen personal willpower. Created by Frog Design, it is offered as a tool for followers of MTV's new docu-series 'I Used To Be Fat'.

According to the teaser site:

Whether you're struggling with weight loss or smoking, Temptd connects you with a community of people who are facing similar challenges. This free app uses game play to make it easy and fun to make smart choices, track your progress, and compete with others for willpower and karma points.

Temptd is a unique platform that combines Facebook with mobile technology to improve your long-term health and wellbeing through active social engagement.

Apps like Temptd bring the support of our social networks to us when they are most needed. We reach for our mobile device to feel connected just as much as to accomplish a task. The phone call is giving way to increasingly micro interactions such as hearting photos on Instagram or cheering Facebook friends on via Nike+. According to Paul Saffo, the smaller the quantum of creative act you ask of participants, the more they will participate. That split second it takes to "like" a friend's status update has the power to positively change behavior over time.

by CalebDecember 1, 2010

Littlecosm Games Twitter Sentiment

Littlecosm is a massively multiplayer Twitter client that is due out in January 2011. Being designed by Tokyo-based Yongfook, it promises to be an interesting mashup of real-time status updates, sentiment analysis, and dynamic gaming elements.

According to Yongfook's blog post:

Emotion plays a huge part in Littlecosm.  Littlecosm analyzes your tweets and figures out if you're in a good or bad mood.  If your tweets are mostly "bad", your character will turn out "bad" (you can see some "bad" characters in the screens above) - and vice versa.

Along with being a game powered by emotions, I wanted Littlecosm to be emotive....  I turned to nostalgia. Littlecosm is a game about collecting memories... Every memory you collect in Littlecosm has nostalgic value.  I think about how much fun I have talking to my friends about retro games, 80s music, tv shows from bygone eras, hypercolor tshirts... and the strange sense of discovery I feel when we talk about these things that we have already experienced.  That is the exact feeling I want to get from players of Littlecosm.

What Littlecosm looks to do is turn everyday behavioral data points into game mechanics. Yongfook is programming very deep human elements into this thing. Stamen's work for the VMA's and area/code's Sharkrunners are similar examples; both take dynamic real world data (people tweeting and sharks swimming) to game reality. Maybe it really is time to "program or be programmed".

Watch a quick demo of Littlecosm here:

by AllisonSeptember 28, 2009

Mobile Video Gets a Spotlight from Rage and Valemont Premieres

It has been waiting in the wings for awhile now, but it looks like mobile video is ready to take center stage.

According to a new report from Nielsen, Americans are consuming more video content across screens than ever before. There was a 70% year-over-year increase in mobile viewing over the past year while traditional television viewing climbed by 0.9%. Simultaneous activity has a lot to do with this growth, underscoring that consumers are adding screen time, rather than simply replacing one screen with another.


While they are obviously worried, cable companies and networks are doing their best to stay relevant. Soon, Comcast and Time Warner's "TV Everywhere" service will give cable subscribers access “premium” television content via broadband, and later cellphone connections. Meanwhile, Hulu is streaming web content for free, though rumors of a "badass" iphone app have yet to pan out.

Content producers are more willing to adapt to consumer's demands, and we're seeing more content tailored for multiple platforms. Just this week, we are seeing two "firsts" in mobile content:

valemont Verizon

  • Verizon and MTV are kicking off “Valemont,” a new mystery minisode series where cell phones play a pivotal role in both the story itself and the viewing platform. Billed as the first-ever TV series that centers around a mobile device, Valemont is a drama that centers around a girl who’s searching for her missing brother and uses his cell phone to unlock clues. Viewers can sign up to receive texts and email messages that will take them through an online game.

    After the first several episodes air on MTV, the rest will be released online and on V Cast mobile phones. Users can access the show from Verizon V Cast mobile phones by texting VU to 66333 from a Verizon Wireless phone to get the latest dirt on the Valemont Campus. For those who don’t have a Verizon phone, the content will be made available by using a “digital cell phone” on


  • A new start-studded film by Sally Potter, Rage, premiered last week exclusively on the iPhone, becoming the first example of a feature film distributed for free via mobile. Mobile was a primary distribution channel along with the web and DVD; the only theatrical showings of the movie were two red-carpet events which took place last week.

    According to RWW, the film embraces the mobile platform as a way to tell the story, too. Instead of offering up a large video download, Rage was released in seven parts throughout the week through the streaming media application, Babelgum, which has now climbed to #16 on the list of top free Entertainment-based iPhone apps.
  • by MBJune 4, 2009

    Week Links: Obama SMSes Speech Globally, MTV's Alexa Chung, Wireless Cars, Palm Pre Mania & More

    State Department to Text Obama Speech [NY Times]
    Once again showing off the Obama administration’s tech savvy, highlights from the President’s speech in Cairo today will be texted in 13 languages to more than 200 countries. The texting program also allows people to respond via text, with their comments appearing online here.

    Unilever to Trial Mobile Coupons [mocoNews]
    With Unilever’s new four-week trial program at a New Jersey ShopRite, it’s clear mobile coupons are going mainstream. Marc Shaw, Unilever’s director of integrated marketing, acknowledges that mobile coupons were “a Holy Grail thing that people have been trying to figure out,” but he also says they're “on target for where consumers’ heads are at right now.”

    Donors send 18 mln euro for Italy quake victims via SMS [textually]
    Around 18 million euros have been collected through an SMS campaign to help victims of a deadly earthquake in Italy.

    MTV’s ‘Alexa Chung’ tunes into Facebook, Twitter [CNET]
    Replacing the outdated TRL, MTV’s “It’s On with Alexa Chung” will feature on-screen tweets, content sourced from Facebook, audience contribution from polls to remixed YouTube videos and updates from Chung’s own Twitter account.

    Nokia Branding N97 as a Mobile Computer, Not a Phone [mediabistro]
    The press release for Nokia’s new N97 device promises a 3.5” touch display, QWERTY keyboard and customizable home screen. What it doesn’t mention is voice services or any reference to the word “phone.”

    ABI Research: Mobile consumers ready to support green initiatives [IntoMobile]
    A new study found that nearly half of mobile users in the U.S. are “somewhat likely or very likely to be influenced by suppliers’ green credentials when purchasing services or devices.”

    Africa’s upwardly mobile money [Reuters]
    M-PESA has filled a void in Africa where only 1 in 5 people have bank accounts but at least 270 million have mobile phones. The network, owned by Kenya’s biggest mobile phone firm and partnered with Kenya Commercial Bank, lets phone users who do not have bank accounts send each other money. And this is just the beginning: A recent Garner report states that the global market for mobile money is growing at 70 percent a year and will be mainstream by 2012.

    Palm Pre Mania Begins With Six More Days To Go [mocoNews]
    This Saturday, Sprint will introduce the new Palm Pre. Tech reviews have touted its great user interface and design, but will it be the next “iPhone killer” its makers are hoping for?

    Gartner Says Wireless Connectivity to be Main Focus for Vehicle Manufacturers by 2012 [FierceWireless]
    Gartner has found that by 2012 the majority of vehicle manufacturers will focus on developing products that enable wireless data connectivity in more than half of their next-generation cars.

    Networking Sites Extend Reach [WSJ]
    Handset makers and wireless carriers are working on developing mid-range mobile phones tailored to social networking. While these features are popular on high-end smartphones, they’ve typically been clunky at best on regular cellphones.

    MediaPost Publications AdMob To Launch New iPhone Ad Units [MediaPost]
    With the new iPhone will come new ad formats from AdMob. The new units were based on requests from advertisers and will cover social networking, search and rich media displaying advertising on iPhone apps and the mobile Web.

    Retailers Explore Links to Social-Networking Sites [WSJ]
    The advice of friends is a powerful influence and more and more retailers are hoping to harness that by connecting their sites to social networks like Facebook and the Facebook Connect platform, MySpace and Twitter.

    by AllisonAugust 8, 2008

    Jonas Brothers: Live & Mobile

    Finally we see young artists (or rather, their "people") using mobile to give fans a sneak behind-the-scenes peek. According to PopCrunch

    The Jonas Brothers have teamed up with MTV to document live online video content with the band as they prepare to headline New York's Madison Square Garden this weekend.

    Jonas Brothers: Live & Mobile runs live online beginning Friday at 4 p.m. ET through Saturday, August 9, from 8 a.m. through 8 p.m., when the band opens at the Garden.

    Fans can visit on Friday and Saturday to watch the live streaming video of the brothers preparing for their show

    What this post doesn't mention is that the livestreaming will be done via handset, with mobile broadcasting from Flixwagon. We're seeing more and more artists (from 50 Cent to David Hasselhoff) embracing mobile video to give a glimpse of inside action and a more personal experience for fans. Other popular sites are Qik, Kyte and Zannel.

    The moblogging is going on now, so check it out. The Jonas Brothers have also recorded some ads for MTV of backstage footage with their mobile phones.

    The tween-tempting trio will also be broadcasting their tour onto the big screen in 3D next year. (BTW, looks like boy bands have adopted the same nerd-chic as rap stars.)