by CalebOctober 7, 2010

Augmented Reality: Rogue Art Exhibition at MoMA

On Saturday, October 9th, NYC's Museum of Modern Art will be home to a rogue augmented reality art exhibition. Visitors with Android or iPhone devices will be able to admire an unofficial showing -- with or without the museum's permission.

According to Wired Magazine:

The show will not be visible to regular visitors of the MoMA, but those using a smartphone application called “Layar Augmented Reality browser” will be able to see additional works on each of the floors, put there using a location-based augmented reality technique.

So far, the MoMA is not involved in all this yet. But that’s not a requirement anymore anno 2010... What is the impact of AR on our public and private spaces? Is the distinction between the two fading, or are we approaching the contrary situation with an ever increasing fragmentation of realities all to be perceived individually?

We've always seen the world from individual perspectives—now this is being rendered quite literal through digital technology. With apps like Barcoo, Stripeylines, and Stickybits, the barcode system is being hijacked to present information that we want to see. Amsterdam's first augmented reality flashmob saw people peering through their screens to participate in a mixed reality. People may be in the same place at the same time... but not necessarily in the same state of mind.

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